And what else is there to see?

Here you can find information on Feldberg’s environs - cities worth to be seen, scenic viewpoints, sports and leisure facilities and other touristic attractions


It takes you not even one hour to get to the old city of Freiburg with its well-known university - let yourself be charmed by the “most northern town of Italy”. For example, you could have   a cup of coffee near the cathedral admiring the so called “most beautiful steeple of Christianity”. Or do some shopping. If you prefer sports: Why not see Bundeliga club SC Freiburg in the Dreisamstadion, perhaps they play against you favourite football club?  

But please take care not to step into one of the litte “Bächle”, small channels running all through the centre of the city - if you do so, you will have to marry a Freiburg local (tradition says...)

Another city you shouldn’t miss is Strasbourg. Stroll down its ancient streets, admire its monuments, visit the wealth of its museums, cruise romanticaly along the river Ill or stare at its magnificent cathedral, guardian angel of two great civilizations, Latin and Germanic, which built Europe.

How about a trip to Basel? - There’s a large variety of objects of interest: No matter if you want to see museums, modern architecture, historic churches or art: Talking a walk through the the centre of the city you surely to face Basel’s most interesting sights.